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French Bulldogs

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French Bulldogs

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Welcome to Loveourfrenchies

Welcome to the home of LoveourFrenchies where mere humans are simply owned by our AKC French Bulldog puppies.
We breed French Bulldogs to keep your lap warm, fill your hearts with joy and tickle you to death with all of their funny bully antics.
Call LoveOurFrenchies and learn why this little lovable bat eared breed has brought so much joy to the lives of so many families.READ MORE




The Origin of the French Bulldog

The original Bulldog originated from Peru going back to the 12th century. The term bulldog did not start until early 17th century. The French Bulldog is a fairly recent breed. In England just a short while ago the Bulldogs were admired for their strength and tenacity, in fact Bulldogs were used in the sport of bull baiting.
By 1835 the United Kingdom Cruelty to Animals Act was issued and breeders gave a much more suitable job to the English Bulldog who was now known as a dog show star and as a great companion in the home.
He was now a much softer and less aggressive bulldog, yet still retaining his strength and strong loyalty to his owner. Now there a came a struggle of what to do with the runts or smaller dogs that did not fit the standard to the bulldog breed. Many pet owners became fond of them for their small compact size and adorable faces. The Perfect Lapdog. By the 19th century breeders in England sold all of their miniature bulldogs to the French as it became fashionable to own one.
The French started developing the little stocky, flat faced dogs until it became a totally unique and stylish breed called the Bouledogue Francais. The French Bulldog was born to take your breath away, READ MORE